Monday, September 17, 2012

Everyday Chocolate Ice Cream

Okay, so I admit this might not call out to you, but trust me when I say it should! It tastes just like banana chocolate ice cream, but without the diary, fat, excessive amounts of sugars, and all those preservatives and other stuff that I can't pronounce or explain. I should tell you that banana is not one of my favorite flavors, but it just tastes so good mixed with other flavors in smoothies...especially chocolate, of course. You can have this as a smoothie or ice cream and it is great either way!

So where did this come from? Over the summer I tried Starbuck's chocolate smoothie on a whim and it really exceeded my expectations. It tasted just like banana and chocolate and before I was done I had decided I must try to recreate it myself. I have made many different versions, and this is the one I like the best. It works well with just banana and chocolate powder though too. You can also make it with all unsweetened cocoa (since ripe banana is so sweet), but I like the added sweetness. If you do use all unsweetened cocoa, keep in mind it will be much more intensely chocolate.

I have no idea what gunk Starbuck's puts in their version, but I'm pretty happy with mine!

Everyday Chocolate Ice Cream
How I Did It:

(serves one)

1 1/2 frozen very ripe bananas
1 tbsp sweetened powdered baking chocolate
1 tbsp unsweetended cocoa
1 tbsp almond milk
1 tsp vanilla

1. Break up the frozen banana a bit and throw in your food processor. Process until it is just small chunks of banana and then add in all other ingredients. Blend until smooth and well combined.

2. Enjoy as is for a delicious chocolate smoothie or place in freezer for 5 - 20 minutes to turn it into chocolate banana ice cream. That's it!

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