Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chocolate Covered Mint Oreos

It was post-dinner on a Friday night and the amount of time I had before needing to head out the door was quickly dwindling. I had wanted to make something sweet to give to my friend, but delays on my commute home limited my options. Cookies were out and something about a bar dessert doesn't really scream, "Happy Birthday." So yes, I decided to cover something in chocolate. Chocolate covered Oreos have the distinction of being ridiculously delicious, very presentable, simple to make in whatever quantity you desire, and just all around quick and easy with great results. Or, at least they should be...

I wanted to go with a St Patrick's Day theme. My idea was this: Mint Oreos with the green center, coated in a layer of dark chocolate, frozen until well set and then covered in a layer of white chocolate. Before the white chocolate set I planned to sprinkle them with green sugar. In my mind, they looked beautiful.
As you can tell, it was a fail. Even though I worked quickly the warm white chocolate immediately and disastrously melted the dark chocolate underneath creating what you see above. I would love to try again as it had the potential to look really neat and it sure did taste good! 
I ended up giving her the best look of the double dipped Oreos (not pictured), and just leaving the rest with the single coat. Next time I'll do the white chocolate first. Any other ideas?

Chocolate Covered Mint Oreos

How I did it:

1/2 bag dark chocolate chips 
1/2 bag white chcolate chips (if you want to be daring)
12 Cool Mint Oreos

1. Prepare a cookie sheet with wax paper and set next to the stove. 

2. In a double boiler, melt half a bag of dark chocolate chips (or more/less depending how much you would like to make). Be careful not to get any water or steam into the chocolate as it will seize and be ruined. Mix with a spoon until smooth. One at a time drop the desired amount of Oreos into the chocolate and flip around with a fork until coated. Carefully remove the Oreos by sliding the fork underneath and lifting out and placing on the cookie sheet. 

3. The Oreos can be put either in the fridge or the freezer to set. Putting them in the freezer ensures that you will be able to eat/transport them within a few minutes. 

4. If you are daring you can repeat the same process with the white chocolate on top and then put them back in the freezer to set again. 

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