Monday, October 8, 2012

Chunky Apple Sauce

The first time in September or October that I go out in the middle of the day and still need my jacket always makes me a little sad. I love summer and really hate to say goodbye to those warm sunny days. If the cool days of fall have one saving grace though it is that it's apple season. Crunchy apples straight from the tree...just so refreshing and delicious! And while a plain apples are great snacks, there are so many things you can do with them...and I love them all! So yes, apple desserts are by far my (second) favorite (umm...chocolate).

I have a apple cake recipe I love, two apple crisp recipes (one much healthier than the other), and I have already made myself caramelized apples and of course apple sauce. I have been making apple sauce a couple times a season for a few years now and every year I make it slightly more chunky. This year I belive is the best yet! I left on all of the peals (lots of fiber, oh yeah!) and did mash it at all, just stirred as it breaks down a lot just from the heat and spoon mixing. The result was the very chunky apple sauce you see above. You might think the peel would make it not as good, but apple sauce is one place where I think it is better to leave the peel on. Plus, it takes only 1/4 the time to make if you don't have to peel your apples! The part that takes the longest is waiting for it to cook down. It is well worth the wait though, even if it is after 10 PM at night. I had a bowl right away - it was so tasty nice and hot. I also love it as an after lunch treat, room temperature/slightly cold....or re-heated! I can't get enough!

Chunky Apple Sauce
How I did it:

11 apples (I used mac and ginger gold), chopped
1 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1 3/4 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp nutmeg

1. Throw all of your chopped apples (with the peels still on!) in a large pot on medium-high heat with one cup of water. Put the cover on and let heat up a bit.

2. Once it starts to cook, mix your apples up. Add your spices, mixing well. Add the sugar and mix some more!

3. Cover and let it cook, making sure to stir occasionally. The more aggressively you stir the more the apples will break down. Once the apples are softened and it is the consistency you desire, it is done!

4. Have a bowl warm if you wish and store anything remaining in the refrigerator.

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